Ryon G. Schofield D.D.S Ryon G. Schofield D.D.S $$

I was nervous to go. I have been with a different dentist for years. Dr. Gardner was absolutely wonderful! Calm gentle very peaceful and actually made me end up laughing! It was such a nice experience that I actually look forward to going back! This is the one on one personal dentistry that I have been looking for! Not a large dental practice that just pumps you through!

Tami Hern   (5/5)  

Sep 23, 2021

5.0 I was nervous to

I have been a patient with this office for years. I most appreciate the great care I receive. When I first started seeing Dr. Schofield, what stood out to me was I never had to wait to be seen. That was not my previous experience...I would have to wait almost an hour past my appointment time to actually see the dentist. I have NEVER had to wait to be seen by Dr. Schofield. Love how nice the office staff is!! I highly recommend their office for your dental needs!!

Pam Hansen   (5/5)  

Sep 16, 2021

5.0 I have been a pat

Ryon Schofield DDS is the package. Not a single complaint, plenty of praise. Having consulted around the country to small businesses, I can sense a well run machine when I see it.

Charles Sorensson   (4/5)  

Sep 01, 2021

4.0 Ryon Schofield DD

Great experience! The tech made my nervous daughter comfortable and even made her laugh 😊 This was much appreciated!

Lisa Shepherd   (5/5)  

Aug 13, 2021

5.0 Great experience!

Ryan has magic hands and he is super chill. I came in with mouth pain and he corrected it with a simple extraction. I was referred to Schofield Dentistry through a colleague. . We have chose this Dentist for all future dental needs. Thank you Schofield Dentistry for their empathy, care, and relaxing environment.

Matt Huggard   (5/5)  

Aug 01, 2021

5.0 Ryan has magic ha

Dr. Schofield and his staff are very friendly and knowledgable. Would highly recommend!

Garret Curtis   (5/5)  

Jul 30, 2021

5.0 Dr. Schofield and

Ryan has magic hands and he is super chill. I came in with mouth pain and he corrected it with a simple extraction. I was referred to Schofield Dentistry through a colleague. . We have chose this Dentist for all future dental needs. Thank you Schofield Dentistry for their empathy, care, and relaxing environment.

Matthew Huggard   (5/5)  

Jul 30, 2021

5.0 Ryan has magic ha

As usual everyone was professional very good experience

Michael Mallory   (5/5)  

Jul 01, 2021

5.0 As usual everyone

One of my wisdom teeth was causing me so much pain in my jaw, my ear, my neck....everything hurt. Having a fear of dentists since childhood, I put off having it pulled for years. Dr. Schofield was so patient, kind and gentle in the removal of my tooth, I can't believe I let it go as long as I did! A HUGE Thank You to Dr. Schofield and his entire staff!

Amy Stockton   (5/5)  

Jun 18, 2021

5.0 One of my wisdom

Dr Schofield and his staff were very friendly and welcoming. He spent quality time with me discussing my dental history since it was my first visit. He made sure all of my questions were answered before he would let me escape the chair!!

Terry Moore   (5/5)  

Jun 18, 2021

5.0 Dr Schofield and

Dr Schofield is a great dentist. He helped me create a plan that worked best for me and comforted me along the way, knowing that dental work scares me tremendously. They have allowed me to come in after work being done to assure me I was healing properly and put my mind at ease.

Amanda Gunn   (5/5)  

Jun 10, 2021

5.0 Dr Schofield is a

This is a wonderful dental office. Dr Schofield is always very pleasant and does excellent work. They don’t seem more interested in just making money than they do providing good service. Their heart is in the right place! I feel very fortunate to have found this place.


Jun 04, 2021

5.0 This is a wonderf

I enjoyed the Expertise of the staff. Great customer service I felt so at ease when I had my teeth cleaned Everyone at Schofields Dental office was so kind. Ben was so informative and he was kind and I felt relaxed. Thank you to Ryon Schofield Staff.

Anne Troya   (5/5)  

May 16, 2021

5.0 I enjoyed the Exp

Dr. Schofield did a great job crowning a badly broken back tooth. I was afraid that he was going to have to pull it and that I would have to get an implant. Everyone in his office is always courteous and helpful. Their dental insurance saved me 15% on the crown.

John Webb   (5/5)  

Apr 21, 2021

5.0 Dr. Schofield did

Relaxing. Great care. What you need and nothing more. Simply the best kind of care.

David Dance   (5/5)  

Apr 16, 2021

5.0 Relaxing. Great c

I love this office from walking in the front door, my hygienist Ben and Dr. Schofield. Couldn't think of going anywhere else

cheryl herzog   (5/5)  

Apr 15, 2021

5.0 I love this offic

As always - A good experience with great people!

Kathy Verburg   (5/5)  

Apr 07, 2021

5.0 As always - A goo

I’d like to start with saying we’re new to this area and searching for new businesses that we need I thought would be difficult. My wife searched for dentist in Hayden and Dr. Schofields office popped up. It was very close to our new home so we thought we’d give em a try. All I can say is this is one of the best decisions we’ve made since moving here. We called, we met and we liked. Dr. Schofield is a very, very good dentist and he has surrounded himself with excellent, professional and extremely nice people. I needed some work and was concerned about being judged a bit, but that never was the case. The office is so well fitted with the newest technology and they have all the expertise to make sure your experience is a pleasant one. I will say I Highly recommend this office for your dental needs.

Mickey Bright   (5/5)  

Apr 07, 2021

5.0 I’d like to start

I have always received top notch service from everyone at Dr Schofield's office. Every one in the office is super friendly.. enjoy every visit!

Karen Watson   (5/5)  

Mar 17, 2021

5.0 I have always rec

A wonderful, caring office, doctor and staff! I highly recommend Dr Ryan Scofield for your dental needs.

Valerie Scrafford   (5/5)  

Mar 03, 2021

5.0 A wonderful, cari

Ryon Schofield is such an amazing dentist. I usually get very nervous around my dentist and sometimes have panic attacks, but Dr Schofield and his staff have been fantastic! He is conservative in his approach and the work he has done has been so good! Another dentist told me some of my teeth would need to be removed over 6 years ago. Dr Schofield said they did not need to be removed and they have been fine all these years with no problems. I especially appreciate my hygienist, Ben. He is so knowledgeable about my teeth. He has saved me from having to have root canals because of his advice and guidance. Also, one time they thought my insurance would accept them and when the insurance denied the claim, they covered the entire appointment because they had told me they accept my insurance. I tried another dentist that my insurance would take and had a terrible experience there, so I said I didn't care if I had to pay, I was going back to Dr Schofield and I am so glad I did.

Jennifer Vest   (5/5)  

Feb 26, 2021

5.0 Ryon Schofield is

We have been going to Dr. Schofield for 12+ years and have always been happy with our experience. Dr. Schofield takes a holistic view of dentistry and isn’t quick to suggest unnecessary procedures.

Alyson Klein   (5/5)  

Jan 27, 2021

5.0 We have been goin

Dr. Schofield and all of his staff are great! Always a good experience, my husband and I both highly recommend Schofield Dental.

Amanda Medow   (5/5)  

Jan 14, 2021

5.0 Dr. Schofield and

Friendly and knowledgeable.

Gayle LA   (5/5)  

Jan 13, 2021

5.0 Friendly and know

As new patients of Dr Schofield, we were pleased with the service and care he and his staff gave. They were able to see five of us in back to back appointments, accommodating our schedule. Dr Schofield was thorough, and took time to explain the results of all of our x-rays without feeling rushed. With a family our size, eight in all, we were grateful for their In-Office Dental Savings Plan. Looking forward to having Dr Schofield and his staff take care of all our dental needs from here on out.

Lela Smith   (5/5)  

Jan 13, 2021

5.0 As new patients o