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I had a great experience at Halsted Street Dental! I have had severe dental anxiety my entire life, but the dentist and the hygienist were super nice and understanding, and I got to watch the Great British Bake-off during the entire appointment! I’ve never felt more relaxed and comfortable at a dentist appointment.

Eve Chesivoir   (5/5)  

May 19, 2022

5.0 I had a great exp

Best dentist I’ve ever been to

Hannah Connelly   (5/5)  

May 10, 2022

5.0 Best dentist I’ve

I’ve never posted a review before, but I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful, kind, and accommodating first dental experience at Halstead Street Dental! Dr. Poisson made time in her schedule to see me on an emergency basis immediately. Dr. Poisson is knowledgeable, skilled and made me feel calm because it was immediately evidence that I was in good hands…a feeling I never felt prior to being a patient at Halstead Street Dental. The entire office staff was so warm and helpful, it really made me feel relaxed and so grateful to have that kindness especially when I was having a tooth emergency. I’ve found my new permanent dental office at Halstead Street Dental!!

Elise Blandin   (5/5)  

Apr 07, 2022

5.0 I’ve never posted

Staff is super lovely, take the time to explain what they’re doing and WHY it’s important. Changed the way I view dentist visits! Highly recommend

Maggie Ryan   (5/5)  

Apr 02, 2022

5.0 Staff is super lo

Dr. Paige Poisson is a caring and knowledgeable dentist. The staff is great and the office is well run and efficient. Great place. I feel very comfortable going there.

Tony Richards   (5/5)  

Mar 28, 2022

5.0 Dr. Paige Poisson

Dr. Poisson and her team are outstanding! They go out of their way to make sure I feel comfortable and answer all my questions. The whole office has a very welcoming feel to it, and it’s very professionally managed. 10/10, would recommend!!

Patrick Doyle   (5/5)  

Mar 24, 2022

5.0 Dr. Poisson and h

Such a great office. The staff is always very friendly and helpful, and Dr. Poisson has my full trust.

Kate Buzinova   (5/5)  

Mar 15, 2022

5.0 Such a great offi

Dr. Poisson is amazing at her job. The fillings I got were always perfect, because she would spend extra time with you to make sure the bite is correct. She also doesn’t just tack on more procedures without clearly explaining why it needs to be done.

Quoc Vu   (5/5)  

Mar 01, 2022

5.0 Dr. Poisson is am

So happy to have found my home dentist. Felt really taken care of today after not being in for a couple years due to Covid. Everyone is super nice here and Dr. P is awesome.

Megan Parker   (5/5)  

Feb 28, 2022

5.0 So happy to have

Great experience all around. Came for a cleaning and then to redo fillings due to an issue with my molars (apparently they're weaker due to an excess of minerals, lucky me!). I don't think fillings could ever be described as "pleasant," but Dr. Paige completed the procedure expertly and I felt absolutely nothing. I also got to pet her dog after, always a plus! This was my first time ever seeing a dentist who wasn't my childhood dentist, and I'll gladly come here again.

Sean Flamand   (5/5)  

Feb 18, 2022

5.0 Great experience

Wonderful staff that does excellent work. Highly recommend.

A D   (5/5)  

Jan 12, 2022

5.0 Wonderful staff t

Best dentist experience I've had. Dr. Paige and all the hygienists, special thanks to Renee, were incredible. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and thorough. I appreciated them both taking the time to explain the procedures and results in layman's terms. Oh, and no wait time! Will be back!

Matt Campbell   (5/5)  

Dec 30, 2021

5.0 Best dentist expe

The new dentist is really nice, smart, and proficient. She got me in on short notice and quickly fixed an issue that I was having.

Bret Miller   (5/5)  

Dec 22, 2021

5.0 The new dentist i

Best dentist I've ever had. Ernie is the man.

Hashim Zaidi   (5/5)  

Dec 11, 2021

5.0 Best dentist I've

Really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Poisson and her staff!

Taylor Spencer   (5/5)  

Oct 23, 2021

5.0 Really enjoyed my

I like this place. Everyone--including the patients (if we're called patients :)--is friendly and accommodating. And I feel good. Thanks!

Patrick Edwards   (4/5)  

Oct 07, 2021

4.0 I like this place

Halsted Street Dental is by far the best dentist I’ve ever been to. Jas has gone above and beyond to make my experience the best it could possibly be. I recently moved to Evanston, and could have switched practices, but will continue to come here!

Jonathon George   (5/5)  

Sep 18, 2021

5.0 Halsted Street De

Dr. Paige is great! Would highly recommend

Mike Oleszkiewicz   (5/5)  

Sep 09, 2021

5.0 Dr. Paige is grea

They are very thorough and a nice group that work well together. They answered all my annoying questions too which is a bonus.

Kevin P   (5/5)  

Aug 25, 2021

5.0 They are very tho

Absolutely love Halsted Street Dental. So welcoming, professional, and perfect service!

Christine Merdes   (5/5)  

Aug 13, 2021

5.0 Absolutely love H

Everyone was friendly and the hygienist didn’t give me a hard time for not having my teeth cleaned during Covid ! Dr. Paige was professional, knowledgeable, and answered my questions with specific and understandable facts.

LA W   (5/5)  

Jul 26, 2021

5.0 Everyone was frie

First time patient seeing Dr Poisson for my neglected dental issues. I immediately felt comfortable with her staff. Dr Poisson was extremely kind and competent in explaining the situation and solutions I needed to follow. She made me feel at ease with her desire to find the right solution for my dental needs. I look forward to getting everything taken care of by Dr Poisson and her attentive staff. Much Thanks!

Larry Black   (5/5)  

Jul 14, 2021

5.0 First time patien

Halsted Street Dental just got better! Have always been pleased with the hygienist and admin staff and now Dr. Paige brings things up a notch! Great service and advice in keeping my teeth in shape.

Liz Wynne Spence Recommended    

Jul 09, 2021

5.0 Halsted Street De

Halsted Street Dental just got better! Have always been pleased with the hygienist and admin staff and now Dr. Paige brings things up a notch! Great service and advice in keeping my teeth in shape.

Elizabeth Spence   (5/5)  

Jul 09, 2021

5.0 Halsted Street De

I thought the dr. Was professional, knowledgeable and very informative. In addition, she offered me some options which I truly appreciated

Laurel Goldman   (5/5)  

Jun 19, 2021

5.0 I thought the dr.