Great! Everyone is fantastic. I couldn’t ask for a better staff or service.

Frank Covington   (5/5)  

Jul 26, 2018

Greatest dentist ever! My family has been seeing Dr. Tanner over 20 years now and he still treats us like family showing his love and care. His staff has the same qualities also.

Loyd Smith   (5/5)  

Jul 18, 2018

Excellent dentist and staff! They all show the love and caring characteristics of the dr.

Loyd   (5/5)  

Jul 18, 2018

Julie is fantastic. Dr. Tanner is an amazing Dentist. Almost a pleasure to go for an appointment.

Bob   (5/5)  

Jun 28, 2018

You can just call him or not.

Tom Jones   (5/5)  

Jun 28, 2018

Love Dr. Tanner's office. Very professional and friendly.

Rudy   (5/5)  

Jun 27, 2018

The whole office is so personable and friendly. Every dental appointment goes smooth from the beginning to end. They really care about every single patient.

Yvette Flores   (5/5)  

Jun 27, 2018

Cindy at the front desk is just amazing. She knows her stuff like she has been there 25 years. Saved me when in dire need! Rynae is the best hygienist on this side of the Mississippi. Now doc tanner is the best in the nation not just this side of the Mississippi. His great mind and perfect analysis of my teeth cannot be matched. You will not be disappointed by the staff at Michael Tanner DDS office.

Jacob Elliott   (5/5)  

Jun 27, 2018

Best dentist in KC area. Professional, caring and reliable. Dr Tanner goes out of his way to fill your needs. Renee is the greatest hygienist also.

Loyd Smith   (5/5)  

Dec 31, 2017

Had my first crown done yesterday, I was very nervous but Dr Tanner and his assistant were very kind, understanding, and patient. They were efficient, explained the procedure, and asked me throughout to make sure I was doing okay. You can certainly tell everyone in that office cares about their patients. Thanks for taking good care of me and my teeth!!! I highly recommend Dr Tanner and his staff!

Kelly Varner   (5/5)  

Dec 07, 2017

In all my years of going to the dentist, I've never had a dental appointment as thorough as the one I got from Dr. Tanner and his staff. I was extremely impressed, not only with the routine cleaning I received, but what stood out most was the customer service. I was very pleased with my experience and will be happily returning for my future dental needs.

Jessica   (5/5)  

Oct 16, 2017

I can't tell you how much I love Dr. Tanner and his whole staff. Great dentist and I hate dentist! Very caring and patient!

Kris Hunter-Beall   (5/5)  

May 19, 2017

Been going to Dr. Tanner as long as I can remember, always easy going staff, I think it's 25 years or more

Allen Fields   (5/5)  

Apr 11, 2017

Everyone is warm and welcoming!

Sadie Gardner   (5/5)  

Feb 21, 2017

They are like my second family and always take good care of my teeth �

Jay Thomas   (5/5)  

Nov 16, 2016

I cannot show enough gratitude towards Dr. Tanner and his staff for their exceptional level of service and professionalism. I hadn't been a patient very long when he diagnosed me with a condition which had plagued me for years but one I had accepted as untreatable. It would turn out to be a years-long and expensive treatment involving multiple visits a month. At every turn Dr. Tanner was forthcoming with information and his staff was patient with my schedule. He recommended an orthodontist when the treatment plan called for braces and kept in regular contact with Dr. Hannah to ensure my care between them was coordinated. Dr. Tanner was always warm and personable, concerned as much with my well-being as my teeth. His staff entertained my infant daughter, who I had to bring to many appointments, and watched her become a toddler. While I occasionally grew frustrated with the process, I knew the end result would be great. Everything Dr. Tanner said turned out to be true. He was always honest and completely believed in his treatment. Now I am free of discomfort, pain, and worry. Thanks to Dr. Tanner, I have a much brighter dental future to look forward to.

Barnett Cardin   (5/5)  

Nov 14, 2016

Another great visit by Rynae and Dr. Tanner! Highly recommend this office!

Carrie Buchta   (5/5)  

Nov 01, 2016

Been with Dr Tanner in the past 7 years. Love his staff. Recommended to everybody. Honest and awesome customer service.

Felix Suwito   (5/5)  

Oct 26, 2016

Dr Tanner is wonderful, I just got some veneers on my front teeth, I love them. Everyone in his office is wonderful also.

Jeri Lynn Dale   (5/5)  

Mar 16, 2016

Been going to see Julie and Dr. Tanner for over 20 years now. Wouldn't change a thing. Love this dental group!

Lucy Dietz   (5/5)  

Mar 09, 2016

Awesome Group! Especially Renee! Very knowledgable staff. Dr. Tanner is a great dentist.

Jamie Sheerin   (5/5)  

Aug 17, 2015

Caring staff, l always feel comfortable there. Ive been a patient for over 20 years

Ron Cline   (5/5)  

Aug 13, 2015

Just had another great cleaning from Rynae. I've been coming here since 1995 and they always great me like a queen.

Marcia J. Corbett   (5/5)  

Apr 23, 2014

Great, they take good care of their patients.

Fred James   (5/5)  

Mar 19, 2014

Great service for the last 17 years

Joey Lino   (5/5)  

Feb 25, 2014