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Just excellent! The nicest people ever to take care of your teeth and mouth! 👍🙏

Javier Banchs   (5/5)  

Sep 30, 2022

5.0 Just excellent! T

Dr. Park and staff very professional and patient with us who hate going to the dentist anyway.!

Charles Jones   (5/5)  

Sep 29, 2022

5.0 Dr. Park and staf

Wow! Everyone is so friendly. From the front desk staff to the dentist and in between, they’re amazing! The place is immaculate and they make you feel so comfortable! Our family will definitely be coming back.

Mary Pearl   (5/5)  

Sep 29, 2022

5.0 Wow! Everyone is

Doc Smith has taken care of our family for years! Five stars.

Jeff Garcia   (5/5)  

Sep 27, 2022

5.0 Doc Smith has tak

My family and I have been going here for years. The entire staff has always treated us very well! Thank you!

Chris Farmer   (5/5)  

Sep 27, 2022

5.0 My family and I h

Great people. Very kind front desk ladies and the dentists are very gentle.

Rebekah Bennett   (5/5)  

Sep 27, 2022

5.0 Great people. Ver

Super excellent office. Everyone’s top notch

Magdy Attia   (5/5)  

Sep 23, 2022

5.0 Super excellent o

Excellent attention to the patient’s needs. Feels like visiting friends.

Malcolm Hess   (5/5)  

Sep 23, 2022

5.0 Excellent attenti

Called with a Broken Tooth emergency they worked me in and got the tooth pulled. Dr Park was amazing and virtually painless.

Ronald Sharp   (5/5)  

Sep 21, 2022

5.0 Called with a Bro

Takes pride in what they do !

charles prichard   (5/5)  

Sep 19, 2022

5.0 Takes pride in wh

Thankful they got me in the same day because my crown came off. They where very nice and got me all fixed up in less than a hour.

Tom Roebuck   (5/5)  

Sep 13, 2022

5.0 Thankful they got

I’ve been going to Dr. Smith for what seems like close to 28 years. That’s amazing when I think about it. That says everything. Great staff to!

Chuck Lambert   (5/5)  

Sep 13, 2022

5.0 I’ve been going t

Very happy with the treatment I received as a client and person. Very professional and friendly treatment, they also gave me a great discount for not having insurance. I definitely highly recommend them.

German Guillen   (5/5)  

Sep 12, 2022

5.0 Very happy with t

A long time patient, always a great and positive experience!

Edwin Blake   (5/5)  

Sep 09, 2022

5.0 A long time patie

Team was very professional and courteous

Linda Resendez   (5/5)  

Sep 09, 2022

5.0 Team was very pro

Very friendly experience every time! Going to the dentist can be stressful but Buttercup Dental makes it less so!

PAULA ORTIZ   (5/5)  

Sep 08, 2022

5.0 Very friendly exp

My hygienist, Kerri is always so competent and caring. Such a wonderful staff! I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

PeterandTeri Willig   (5/5)  

Sep 07, 2022

5.0 My hygienist, Ker

I went in with a bad toothache they were going to see me next morning but some one canceled and they called be back and took care off it right then couldn’t ask for a better dentist thank you Dr. Oster

Debbie Hutto   (5/5)  

Sep 07, 2022

5.0 I went in with a

Wow. Most thorough dental exam and cleaning I’ve ever had. Makes me question every dentist I’ve seen in the past. I’ve had a lot of dental work done so I’m a tough critic. This place is top notch. Clean office and great staff. Highly recommend.

Kelly DalPorto   (5/5)  

Sep 02, 2022

5.0 Wow. Most thoroug

Polite, kind, efficient, clear, precise, helpful, thorough! Thanks!

Jonathan Mueller   (5/5)  

Sep 02, 2022

5.0 Polite, kind, eff

I like Buttercup Dental. They don’t force unneeded treatments and they look out for their patients.

Kelly Melim   (5/5)  

Aug 26, 2022

5.0 I like Buttercup

Great place. Wonderful people. Loved Laura. She did excellent work. Gum check did not hurt.

Sang S   (5/5)  

Aug 23, 2022

5.0 Great place. Wond

I was getting my teeth cleaned and a cap fell off. After my cleaning was done they got me right in and put it back on. Great service…great people. I highly recommend this dental office

David Watson   (5/5)  

Aug 17, 2022

5.0 I was getting my

Very good service on cleaning and c-rays. But $65 for a 90 “exam” by the dentist is a bit too stiff (90 second look into the mouth).

steven kovacs   (4/5)  

Aug 12, 2022

4.0 Very good service

Efficient clean and friendly. They know what they are doing when it comes to dental health.

Jim Henkel   (5/5)  

Aug 12, 2022

5.0 Efficient clean a