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I recently visited Bowen Legacy Dental with my family, and we couldn't be more pleased with the experience. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with warm smiles and a welcoming atmosphere. The office is clean, modern, and equipped with the latest technology, which immediately put us at ease. Dr. Gehlert and the entire staff are incredibly professional and compassionate. They took the time to explain every procedure and made sure we were comfortable throughout our visits. The hygienists were gentle and thorough, making our cleanings a breeze. It's clear that they have the patients' health in mind when deciding treatment plans, as they always provide thoughtful and personalized recommendations. We especially enjoy their options for holistic dentistry, which align with our preference for natural and minimally invasive treatments. Knowing that our overall health is considered in every decision gives us great peace of mind. What truly sets Bowen Legacy Dental apart is how they have gone above and beyond for our family. Whether it's accommodating our busy schedules, providing extra care for our kids, or following up after treatments, their dedication is evident in every interaction. My kids, who are usually nervous about dental appointments, actually enjoyed their visit. The team made them feel special and cared for, turning what could have been a stressful experience into a positive one. We also appreciated the convenient scheduling and the reminder system, which made it easy to keep track of our appointments. Overall, Bowen Legacy Dental is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a top-notch dental practice. We feel fortunate to have found such a caring and skilled team to take care of our dental health. Highly recommend!

Casey Arnett   (5/5)  

Jun 06, 2024

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We just love this place. Excellent care by all, and I appreciate Dr. Gehlert’s thorough and integrative approach. My restorations turned out beautifully, and my small kids have received wonderful ortho treatment as we work to make space in their arches and improve bite, which will help with other potential issues down the road!

Sarah Mann   (5/5)  

Jun 06, 2024

5.0 We just love this

I LOVE this office. It's so obvious that every member of the staff cares genuinely for their patients. Dr. Gehlert is so kind and knowledgeable. She has done so much for me and my family over the years, but one of the most incredible things is that she completely fixed my daughter's dramatic underbite in a matter of months. I'd been told elsewhere my daughter would need surgery to reset her jaw when she was 18. But Dr. Gehlert along with Dr. Beck corrected her with a gentle, removable appliance and now the problem has been fixed painlessly before she has even turned five. (I put her before and after photos on this post) Everyone there genuinely cares about you, and Dr G. makes you feel like her family. Thank you Dr. Gehlert and team for years of loving care!

Jackie Brett   (5/5)  

Jun 04, 2024

5.0 I LOVE this offic

If you've had bad experiences with dentists—I've had several—you will not regret choosing Bowen. Lovely people.

Jonathan Croxton   (5/5)  

Mar 14, 2024

5.0 If you've had bad

The best dentist in central Ohio. They have a great holistic approach. We took 2 of our daughters there and were very happy with the experience. The whole family will be going soon. Great place!

Alex Ribble   (5/5)  

Feb 05, 2024

5.0 The best dentist

Stellar job. The entire staff is amazing and extremely dedicated. Dr Gehlert put together a team of experts to determine the best way to help me since I have extreme dry mouth causing gum and tooth issues. After a couple of years of effort, I have a brand new smile and can chew my food so much easier.

Lara Ellis   (5/5)  

Jan 11, 2024

5.0 Stellar job. The

This place is AMAZING the doctor’s and the staff are so nice and knowledgeable 👍🏻!! So glad we found this place after years of not great experiences!

Danielle Ndiaye   (5/5)  

Sep 26, 2023

5.0 This place is AMA

A very professional and friendly team!

Frank Gilbert   (5/5)  

Sep 05, 2023

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I have been so impressed with the level of care at Bowen Legacy Dental. Dr Gehlert is a wealth of knowledge on holistic dentistry, which is what drew me to the practice for Invisalign treatment. She has a passion for patient care, which is evident in all interactions and carries through to the staff. It’s not often you’ll find a family run practice that has passed through generations with such high quality. I have many family members who have been at the practice for years and we couldn’t be happier! I just completed my Invisalign treatment and I am thrilled with the results!

Amy Biesenthal   (5/5)  

Jun 20, 2023

5.0 I have been so im

I cannot say enough about how incredible Dr.Gehlert and Dr. Beck have been. We’ve been with them for almost two years now I believe, and I speak highly of them to everyone who I talk to about my kids dental/orthodontic care. We found them because we were looking for a dentist who could use ozone on a concerning cavity my son had (that another dentist said he may loose the tooth because it was so close to the root). We trusted Dr. Gehlert’s expertise and we were not disappointed. She took such care with our son and his treatment. She was able to repair the cavity without jeopardizing the tooth, and went above and beyond to answer our questions about my sons crowded teeth and airway concerns. We decided she was the best choice to pursue airway and palate expansion because she is so well educated in airway focused dentistry. We are so happy with how both she and Dr. Beck have cared for our sons orthodontic treatment. We decided they offered the most thorough and promising treatment plan for our oldest daughter as well. They saw issues we had recognized but that other orthodontists had dismissed. My daughter has sensory processing disorder and high anxiety and they have been phenomenal. I could almost be teary eyed thinking about how grateful we are for them. My daughters smile has completely transformed and they are truly so compassionate, caring, thorough, generous, efficient and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t even imagine wanting to be anywhere else for my kids ortho and airway dentistry. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars. Thank you Dr. Gehlert and Dr. Beck! Our family is so thankful for your care!

Sarah D'Louhy   (5/5)  

May 24, 2023

5.0 I cannot say enou

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Kevin Jason Recommended    

Apr 06, 2023

5.0 👌😍Investing and

Amazing staff and place, highly recommend.

Hillary Tintera   (5/5)  

Mar 13, 2023

5.0 Amazing staff and

Dr. Gehlert is highly skilled and knowledgeable; as well as kind and gentle. I am confident that I receive the very best care each and every visit. I appreciate Dr. Gehlert's holistic and conservative approach, emphasizing wellness and preventative care. I have learned a great deal from her over the years about the connections between oral health and total body health. In addition, the front desk team is warm and welcoming and always go the extra mile to clearly communicate all things scheduling and billing, while the hygienists make cleanings a breeze!

April Niemie   (5/5)  

Oct 19, 2022

5.0 Dr. Gehlert is hi

I sure would recommend the services of Bowen Legacy Dental to those who may need them. My teeth are in good shape not only because I take good care of them at home, but also because I have been using your services regularly. And it has been already 3 generations of dental doctors and hygienists (like Janet).

Alex Kardos   (5/5)  

Oct 03, 2022

5.0 I sure would reco

Dr Bowen and his tech Janet are simply the best. When I am in their office, I feel like a member of the family. Their work is wonderful and personalities from the front desk to everyone else there makes me feel cared for and safe. I have had a lot of work done there over the years and would consider going anywhere else.

Carol Kane   (5/5)  

May 25, 2022

5.0 Dr Bowen and his

I have been truly blessed by Dr. Gehlert and her entire staff, and am grateful for their excellent care! As a cancer survivor it is very important to me to look at my health as a whole picture and I feel very fortunate to work with these professionals who believe and practice this as well. I echo all of these other 5 star reviews! Kudos to the doctors for cultivating such a warm and caring practice. There really do feel like family!

Susan Hovest   (5/5)  

May 19, 2022

5.0 I have been truly

I took both of my sons here (ages 5 & 7) and it was the best decision I made! I wish I would have known about this office sooner. Every single person here is amazing and made my sons and I feel so loved and comfortable. They really care. I will be bringing the whole family here. I appreciate them taking care of my sons’ health.

Monica B   (5/5)  

Apr 14, 2022

5.0 I took both of my

As always ( and I’ve been coming to Doc Bowen since before Moses parted the Red Sea) every person was excellent, took wonderful care of me… my teeth, my gums, me as a whole person. So grateful that Dr. Taryn is here too. The Bowen Legacy will see me out. 😌

Suellen Scott   (5/5)  

Mar 16, 2022

5.0 As always ( and I

Haven’t been to the Dentist in years and I couldn’t be more happy after my experience at Bowen Legacy Dental. Hygienist’s - Stephanie and Janet are FANTASTIC!

Brandon Doerfler   (5/5)  

Mar 15, 2022

5.0 Haven’t been to t

The best dental experience we’ve ever had. Looking forward to going back - how often do you hear that following a cleaning?

Hannah Bowers   (5/5)  

Mar 11, 2022

5.0 The best dental e

Always great service & a wonderful staff!

Renee Spencer   (5/5)  

Mar 04, 2022

5.0 Always great serv

6 month exam and cleaning. Stephanie did a fantastic job and was very pleasant to work with.

VeryTiredMom   (5/5)  

Feb 24, 2022

5.0 6 month exam and

Very kind, thorough and helpful. I drove 2.5 hours for their expertise, and will do it again.

Jason Cutlip Recommended    

Feb 07, 2022

5.0 Very kind, thorou

I recently started going to Bowen Legacy after trying to find a holistic dentist that focused on overall health. I've been so happy with the experience so far as the staff is so helpful, positive, and transparent. I feel like I have time to ask questions and get a true understanding for what's going on and what the next steps are.

Kaitlin Janes   (5/5)  

Jan 31, 2022

5.0 I recently starte

The staff and Dr Gehlert were fantastic with our daughter and helped her feel comfortable being there for her first visit. Everyone was very professional and answered our questions. Great experience!

Angie Franklin   (5/5)  

Jan 28, 2022

5.0 The staff and Dr