Ray Mangigian, DDS - Lakewood, CA Ray Mangigian, DDS - Lakewood, CA $$

Dr. Mangigian is fantastic! I first saw him in 1998 and have nothing but great testimony! He is skilled at painless dentistry! His staff are also among the best in the business. Highly recommended! -- Paul Delaney Norwalk CA

K6HR   (5/5)  

Nov 23, 2023

5.0 Dr. Mangigian is

Nice job of cleaning my teeth

Jeff Becker   (5/5)  

Nov 02, 2023

5.0 Nice job of clean

I have been going to this dentist for more than ten years now. He's honest, reliable, and competent. He and his assistants are extremely skilled at making dental work painless! Would highly recommend him, especially to anyone who -- like me -- is cowardly about pain in the dentist's chair.

Maureen Lycaon   (5/5)  

Oct 25, 2023

5.0 I have been going

Been going to Dr M and Susie for several years. I love it there. Susie is professional, funny and I always have a good laugh, Dr M is very gentle and does great work and Rachel runs the place and always tries to accommodate your busy schedule if she can and overall is a very kind, professional good person. I couldn’t have a better dentist. They are all great. I used to be scared of a dentist and now I look forward to going. I recommend Dr M and staff if your ever want toa great dentist.

Kim Stallings   (5/5)  

Oct 13, 2023

5.0 Been going to Dr

I am so thankful for this dentist and his staff! I had a great experience and my teeth feel very clean! Thanks for helping me smile with clean teeth!

Mark Leonard   (5/5)  

Oct 03, 2023

5.0 I am so thankful

Could not be more pleased! Entire staff is wonderful, been going to them for ages, and always treated great!

Beverly Hutchison   (5/5)  

Sep 20, 2023

5.0 Could not be more

Simply the best! I really appreciate what they do.

Hector Castillo   (5/5)  

Jul 26, 2023

5.0 Simply the best!

Great staff who knows your history and is always accommodating. Not to mention excellent dental care.

Edward Dignan   (5/5)  

Jul 26, 2023

5.0 Great staff who k

Experienced, professional, but also felt at home. Great service and highly recommend!

Zack Watry   (5/5)  

Jul 12, 2023

5.0 Experienced, prof

My family and I have had nothing but great experiences at this dentist’s office. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Jennifer George   (5/5)  

Jul 07, 2023

5.0 My family and I h

Great Dentist, excellent work, very patient oriented!

Steve Hanson   (5/5)  

Jul 04, 2023

5.0 Great Dentist, ex

Update on 6/22/23 we were back for a checkup and cleaning and it has been a total of 15 years(Wow I would not ever believe this)that I (Mark the dental chicken because of so many BAD experiences) have been going to this Dentist!! This is the longest ever that I have ever seen the same dentist(I am over 65 years old). In my life this a lone will tell most people how good I feel about this dentist and office!!! I % recommend this place. Small but he listened to my issues and worked with me. Originally posted on 1/19/23. I (Mark)don't like Dentists (too many bad experiences) but I have been going to Dr Mangigian for about 10 years or more. They understand my issues with dentists and work with me to the point that most of my anxiety is gone not all but most of it so I don't wait until I am in pain to see them. I would definitely recommend this office to any dental chicken!! Was there just this past week for a check up and cleaning.(1/19/23)

Mark & Janet Salvaggi   (5/5)  

Jun 25, 2023

5.0 Update on 6/22/23

It’s always such a pleasant experience going to Dr. Mangigian! He is great with me, my husband and our two little ones. He is gentle, very detailed and explains everything thoroughly. We always look forward to our 6 month teeth cleanings!

Lauren Sivcovich   (5/5)  

Jun 25, 2023

5.0 It’s always such

Been going to.Dr. Mangigian for like 20 years. The only dentist I trust to do the job right and virtually painless. His staff is also top notch!

Amy Hanson   (5/5)  

Jun 21, 2023

5.0 Been going to.Dr.

They really take care of all your teeth Needs!! Excellent service

Mario Flores   (5/5)  

Jun 02, 2023

5.0 They really take

Dr Mangigian and his team are wonderful. They listened to my concerns about TMJ issues, and gave me breaks throughout my treatment so I could remain comfortable. They're incredibly kind and interested in me as a person. Their billing coordinator is also great and worked with the constraints of my insurance to put together a plan that would cost me the least amount out-of-pocket. I highly recommend this team if you're looking for great, honest dentistry.

Veronica Dixon   (5/5)  

Jun 01, 2023

5.0 Dr Mangigian and

He and his staff are very friendly. Excellent Dentist

Francine Maldonado   (5/5)  

May 15, 2023

5.0 He and his staff

Dr. Mangigian and staff handled everything with me in mind! Just a awesome experience for over 20yrs

Patrick Ruzgerian   (5/5)  

Apr 23, 2023

5.0 Dr. Mangigian and

I have had nothing but good experiences here. I love my hygienist, Angie, and Dr. Mangigian is very nice.

Rossana Snee   (5/5)  

Apr 19, 2023

5.0 I have had nothin

Very polite upbeat and friendly. I have been a patient for over 20 years and I love Dr. Mangigian and his team. They are patient, understanding and listen to my needs and concerns. They really help with establishing a game plan for my care. Thank You!!

Jerusha Day   (5/5)  

Apr 18, 2023

5.0 Very polite upbea

The staff is so friendly and amazing and the doctor is super friendly and efficient too. Everyone of them. They always give a little goodie bag with a new toothbrush and stuff and They also give a free toy at the end to children which my daughter loves! They also are very easy to make an appointment with quickly which is a surprising considering how amazing the staff and doctor is!! I’m very picky about my dentist and after my dentist retired it took me 4 different dentist until I found dr. Managigian and the staff here, and I won’t go to anywhere else now.

Emy Saenz   (5/5)  

Apr 10, 2023

5.0 The staff is so f

Always a pain free pleasure, friendly staff and a great dentist.

CHIP   (5/5)  

Apr 03, 2023

5.0 Always a pain fre

Best cleaning - thorough

michele wilkosz   (5/5)  

Mar 16, 2023

5.0 Best cleaning - t

Been going to Dr M and Susie for several years. I loved it there. Susie is professional, funny and I always have a good laugh, Dr M is very gentle and does great work and Rachel runs the place and always tries to accommodate your busy schedule if she can and overall is a very kind, professional good person.

Kim Stallings   (5/5)  

Feb 24, 2023

5.0 Been going to Dr

Always gentle, warm and caring. I have never had a problem with any of the numerous services I have had. Everyone is always so friendly, makes you feel like family!

Rachel B   (5/5)  

Feb 07, 2023

5.0 Always gentle, wa