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I have a current dentist who always makes me feel comfortable. I never imagined any other dentist who took the actual time to thoroughly explain exactly what is going on and what to expect. I was overwhelmed when I broke my tooth. The staff are courteous and professional.

Rosetta Conley   (5/5)  

May 21, 2022

5.0 I have a current

If deciding on dental care, this is the choice one should select Cottage Hill. The staff is great and very knowledgeable. We have been going here for over twenty years and have never been disappointed.

Patricia Ressler   (5/5)  

May 16, 2022

5.0 If deciding on de

Very courteous and professional. I would definitely recommend cottage hill dental care.

Jim McPhillips Recommended    

May 11, 2022

5.0 Very courteous an

Love Dr. Amiran and Dr. Asadi…couldn’t ask for better dental care than by these 2 doctors. They are professional and friendly and attend to all my concerns and needs. The hygienist that did my cleaning today was so informative and absolutely perfect. Not sure but I think her name was Joy. It was a very pleasurable experience and I would refer them to everyone!!

Mary Lou Scala   (5/5)  

May 11, 2022

5.0 Love Dr. Amiran a

This is an efficient and friendly office with expert doctors and hygienists. Happy to have found my "forever" dentist office.

Michelle T R   (5/5)  

May 11, 2022

5.0 This is an effici

The experience I received at Cottage Hill Dental Care could not have been better. Although I have not been able to see a dentist for a few years, I never felt any discomfort or anxiousness. My Hygienist Maureen Flanagan was attentive and understanding. Dr. Al-Asadi listened to my concerns, and treated me with compassion. The rest of the staff was so hospitable from the time I walked into the office. I will be suggesting this office to family and friends.

Xavier A. Branch   (5/5)  

May 11, 2022

5.0 The experience I

As a retired successful business owner in my 70s, I have decades of experience with highly recommended dentists over a lifetime. With the exception of one who saved me, they were all disastrously incompetent. Cost a fortune. Sizable six figures. One mistake after another, including infections and failed implants that almost killed me. After multiple mistakes and botched applications, dental work gets complicated. Way beyond filling a cavity. Anyway, the dentist that saved me moved. So, I was referred to Cottage Hill by a friend. My complicated dental picture blew up and I needed help again. In addition to being pleasant, professional and highly skilled, Dr. Sanaz Amiran listened. Her approach was extremely thorough, like nothing I have experienced before. I have also had similar luck with another female Dr. recently, again thorough and willing to listen, unusual for male doctors. Anyway, highly recommended. Frankly, I wouldn’t go to another dentist. The dental field isn’t any different than any other professional group, less than 5% of any professional group are truly competent and she is at the top.

Phil Chiricotti   (5/5)  

May 05, 2022

5.0 As a retired succ

The staff at Cottage Hill is great. They are thorough, detailed, informative, and kind. I have been going there for about 10 years and have had all positive experiences.

John P. Lyon   (5/5)  

Apr 27, 2022

5.0 The staff at Cott

Caring and courteous to patients

Karen Roder Recommended    

Apr 27, 2022

5.0 Caring and courte

friendly and skillful

steve nagel   (5/5)  

Apr 25, 2022

5.0 friendly and skil

I had 2 crowns replaced by Dr. Asadi. He explained everything that he was going to do. He was very professional and made me feel relaxed. He made the crowns in the office with a computer. I have not had any problems with either crown. His office staff are all very friendly and professional. I definitely would recommend Dr. Asadi.

Judy Schuster   (5/5)  

Apr 22, 2022

5.0 I had 2 crowns re

So. After decades of fine service, a wall of my lower left molar, supporting an inlay, decided to fall away. I was left with a gold-roofed micro-shed! Kim, Carol, and Chelsea did everything they could to schedule an emergency appointment. Dr. Al-Asadi was in typical good cheer despite doing the work of three; he told me that the tooth cavity could not successfully be filled laterally, and offered to provide a crown ON THE SPOT. Of course, I accepted this BRILLIANT offer, and within three hours of arrival had a solid crown! The procedure was absolutely pain-free, aside from catching a brief glimpse of “The Real Housewives of Someplace or Other”, which was quickly remedied. Then! When Dental Assistant Linda offered a choice of protein shake while the anesthetic wore off, I began to wonder if I were somehow in a high-end hotel instead of a dentist’s office. The retirement of Dr. Steffens was like having Daddy die, but I’m getting over it!

Robert Lach   (5/5)  

Apr 21, 2022

5.0 So. After decades

My experience at Cottage Hill Dental has always been great. I have been going here for many years. The staff is always very personable, welcoming, and professional. I have seen Dr. Asadi and Dr. Amiran and both are very knowledgeable and kind. The dental hygienists are the best as well. They are very thorough and provide excellent patient education.

Meagan Donner   (5/5)  

Apr 21, 2022

5.0 My experience at

Professional, thorough cleaning and great advice!! Friendly and took time to explain - did not feel hurried at all.

Susan Didrick Nagel Recommended    

Apr 21, 2022

5.0 Professional, tho

Staff is always very welcoming, professional and helpful. All the hygienists that I have dealt with have always been very thorough and efficient in their work. Dr's are always patient and willing to answer questions. Every experience so far has been great, I would highly recommend!!

Scott Sterr   (5/5)  

Apr 21, 2022

5.0 Staff is always v

LOVE Cottage Hill Dental Care. Amazing staff all around! Such a welcoming, calm and clean practice!

Payton Mitera   (5/5)  

Apr 19, 2022

5.0 LOVE Cottage Hill

Family friendly environment; staff is very professional and I highly recommend them to anyone or family that is looking for quality dental care for they’re families….

Roger Harrison Recommended    

Apr 19, 2022

5.0 Family friendly e

I love these guys. I've been going here since I was a little kid. I drive an hour each way because they do great work.

kevin canniff   (5/5)  

Apr 14, 2022

5.0 I love these guys

Professional,friendly,considerate… turns dental visits into a pleasant experience and u leave feeling like u are important!

Sue Kligis Recommended    

Apr 12, 2022

5.0 Professional,frie

Very punctual with appointments. All of the staff is very concerned with the patient’s comfort. I got many reminders of my appointment. Billing my insurance was seamless.

Catherine Bartuch Recommended    

Apr 05, 2022

5.0 Very punctual wit

My husband and I have been going to this office and our hygienist Koula for over 25 years. They are completely THE BEST!!

Jill Conte   (5/5)  

Mar 25, 2022

5.0 My husband and I

best dental office ever! super friendly staff

Dr Mel   (5/5)  

Mar 25, 2022

5.0 best dental offic

I've always received great dental care, education, and respect from them.

Karen Bayer   (5/5)  

Mar 23, 2022

5.0 I've always recei

On time. Very efficient. Took time to answer questions. Very caring

lynn jasinowski   (5/5)  

Mar 23, 2022

5.0 On time. Very eff

Fantastic dentist office! My whole family (kids too!) visit this practice. Super friendly staff. Dr.Amiran is an absolute gem. Incredibly smart, kind and quite thorough.

Natalie Ryan   (5/5)  

Mar 22, 2022

5.0 Fantastic dentist