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Bill Truitt   (4/5)  

May 02, 2018

4.0 Friendly. Fast. H

My first visit to Keystone dentistry was pleasant. As a person who fears the dentist (about as much as drowning) i'm happy to say that I'll return. I went in because i'd had a recurring headache for several months. After researching on my own, several sources said i may be grinding my teeth while sleeping. Dr Myers introduced himself, shook my hand and asked what i was in for. He was very welcoming and I immediately felt at ease. He suggested a bite guard. I'd explained that I already had one that wasn't comfortable and my previous dentist didn't seem to be interested in fixing it. That mouth guard was $300. Dr Myers had a less expensive bite guard for $50. After using the bite guard for the first few nights i was frustrated as I was still having headaches. I can be slightly impatient. I kept using it hoping that it would eventually work. i believe it took about 4 weeks for me to notice that I was no longer having headaches. Note, that I NOTICED. i believe the headaches went away sooner but my mind was playing tricks on me. I went in in late August and have been completely headache free since i "noticed" the headaches were gone (today is 11/28/17). The rest of the staff was very welcoming and friendly. The front desk receptionist was very nice and we discussed our nail polish colors. When I was leaving I recognized the billing clerk. it turns out I'd worked with her at a job several years ago. Overall a pleasant experience and i hope I've found my dentist for years to come.

Lindsey Pruitt   (5/5)  

Jan 31, 2018

5.0 My first visit to

My mother-in-law has been going to Dr. Terry Myers for a few years now. She has dementia and the staff has been excellent in working with her and us re: her dental care. The staff is wonderful with her, treating her with respect and care, while keeping in mind her memory and problem-solving challenges. They are also great with working with us regarding costs, not pushing procedures she can do without,. They give us options so we may decide how much intervention we wish. Because she pays out of pocket, they have a discount. The location is excellent, as well. I'm very pleased!

Laurel Clark   (5/5)  

Jan 31, 2017

5.0 My mother-in-law