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Always super professional and friendly!!! The staff are super patient and very sweet and caring.. I’m a big baby when it comes to going to the dentist and I love how calm and caring the staff are and how gentle they are as well!!! Favorite Dentist!!! Xo ✌🏻💕🤗 5.0 Always super prof
I had a very good experience, I was nervous going in, but everyone was very friendly, although they didn't do any work on me, they referred me to a very good place that could help with my needs. 5.0 I had a very good
We love the service we get and the people at Balboa Dentistry ! We've never had a better dentist ! The people are amazing ! I'm not exagerating when I say that a visit to the dentist is something we enjoy. 5.0 We love the servi
Great place to have dental work done! 5.0 Great place to ha
Dr.Hussein is great, very friendly and cordial. I would highly recommend his service. Only one suggestion regarding appointment or calling system, when we try to call the dental clinic, it always goes to third party management and they do not have details of either patient or the clinic. 5.0 Dr.Hussein is gre
Very kind and gentle, spoke to me like a real person not just a dollar sign, actually excited to go back and see a dentist, he seemed like he actually cared about my health 5.0 Very kind and gen
Great service every time I visit! 5.0 Great service eve
Very friendly, professional, and courteous physician and staff. Dr Dhayui made me feel at ease and is very experienced. The atmosphere is clean and the office has been renovated to feel modern. 5.0 Very friendly, pr
My all-time favorite dentist. Period. Dr. Dhayni is the kindest, most thorough and gentle dentist I've ever had. He has this amazing way of making you feel like a member of the family (or at least a longtime family friend) and works hard to ensure that your needs are met. He is extremely thorough throughout the process and pays close attention to your teeth, their needs, and how you respond to cleanings, exams, etc. Prior to visiting Balboa Dentistry, I'd NEVER had a dentist take time with my teeth and dental care the way he does. I am beyond grateful to have Dr. Dhayni. His team here is awesome, too. It's clear that everyone here enjoys the work they do. A quick note regarding COVID: I came to see Dr. Dhayni in September 2020. I assure you that the team here is taking the pandemic very seriously. There are temperature checks upon arrival, limited number of patients in the office at a time, sanitizer all around, and thoroughly sanitized and protected areas all around. Further, all team members wore masks the entire time. It was definitely one of the cleanest setups I've seen during the pandemic. I highly recommend. 5.0 My all-time favor
This is honestly the best dentist I’ve ever seen. The office is clean and thoroughly sanitized and Dr. Dhayni is gentle, thorough, kind and caring. The personalized care you get at Balboa Dentistry is beyond what you’d get anywhere else. I love this place! 5.0 This is honestly

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