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I’ve had a fear of the dentist since a bad experience as a child . Unfortunately I’ve also had to have ALOT of dental work . My back crown broke off and part of the tooth and it was obvious I would have to have it pulled . I’m so Thankful!!!! They got me in right away . My friend dropped me off and was afraid I may not have my head together to order a Uber home so she told Sharon the Receptionist to check if I needed help. The dentist put me at ease IMMEDIATELY. Very kind and patient. I’ve had SO MANY root canals I was expecting something like that but worse having never had a tooth pulled. Honestly it was so much easier than the root canals. I use loud music at the dentist and had no ear phones so they were kind enough to turn the music up on my phone and lay it by my ear. Next thing I knew it was OVER!!! Sharon did ask if I need help with Uber but once it was over I was ok . She also called to check on me and find out how it is healing . Now I’m in need of a root canal and they are checking about getting me in. I was with ONE DENTIST in California for 35 years . MN hasn’t been so easy to replace my Ca Dentist but I’m sure hoping to stay with Bay Creek . I felt cared for and secure in his work. I had a MN dentist that WOULD NOT allow me the time to simply turn my music on and just kept saying OPEN OPEN… no music = no OPEN. I’m so glad I found them in a emergency needing one pulled no less. 5.0
The most friendly and accommodating dental clinic I've ever been to. Very professional and welcoming throughout the whole process. Everyone from the front end to the dentist's and assistants are great and very helpful. 5.0
I had the best treatment . Very professional staff. I had a root canal, Crown and filling - all done with no complication at all. Def recommend pple there . His assistant Sharon very jovial and caring ! And the receptionist ( don’t remember her name) - sweet old lady (-:-) always brings a smile on my face ! Thanku again - I’m def coming back for an implant 5.0
I cannot say enough about how much I love and appreciate this dental office. They have been so amazing since the first time I came with a dental emergency to the exams and fillings they have done for me. I have never been to a dentist that I truly felt cares about me like this team of people. The receptionists are super helpful and friendly and the dental team and Dr Boettner have truly made me feel better about my smile. They answer any questions I have and always make sure I'm comfortable and know exactly what they are doing. I love this place and will continue to use them as my go to dental office. Would highly recommend! They take my dental insurance and then have been super awesome about letting me make payments on the small amount my insurance doesn't cover. I just moved here not too long ago from Florida and am lucky enough to live in the apartments directly across the street so not only are they super close to my location but I won't consider going to any other dentist from now on! 😇 5.0
Dr. Boettner and the entire staff at Bay Creek Dental are wonderful. They are kind and friendly, considerate of my anxiety around dental appointments, and keep me on track with my semi-annual checkups. 5.0
I’ve been coming here for years, The staff is very professional and friendly I would recommend coming here to everyone. 5.0
I’ve been coming here for years, The staff is very professional and friendly I would recommend coming here to everyone. 5.0
Awesome place to get your teeth worked on! Every one of the staff members are great...even with kids! I recommend going here 100%! 5.0
Dr. Boettner is an exceptional dentist. His office focuses on the best technology to offer patients the best outcomes! I would definitely recommend coming here for your dental work. 5.0
Dr Boettner and all his staff have been wonderful - professional, competent, relaxed and friendly. They’ve inspired me to take better care of my teeth than I have in many years. Highly recommend! 5.0

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