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Wonderful team here! Looking forward to working with them in the future. 5.0
Highest recommendation! 5.0
I was diagnosed with TMJ. My jaw was super sore. I visited 3 different dentist to get multiple opinions on how to move forward. TMJ is a health insurance nightmare. By far, Dr. Jelinek offered the most personal service and fantastic assistance working with the insurance companies. In addition, Dr. Jelinek was the only dentist that wanted to thoroughly understand what was happening in my jaw before he suggested a plan. Dr. Jelinek also had some suggestions on things I could do while waiting for some lab work to come in. Just fantastic personal service that makes you feel like you matter. Also high praise for his staff that work so hard to help with the insurance quagmire. 5.0
I have TMJ and sleep apnea. I have been going to Dr. Jelinek for awhile and I use an appliance for TMJ and sleep apnea which works very well. His office stay is friendly and very helpful. 5.0
Great dental visit. I had a temporary crown installed and was pleasantly surprised that there was no jaw swelling or pain. 5.0
If you were looking for a place where people will put their fingers in your mouth and measure your teeth, then look no further! Kidding aside, this office is immaculate, comfortable, and staffed with experienced, consummate professionals. Before beginning, Dr. Jelinek took the time to ensure he fully understood my needs, as well as making certain I understood the path forward. Everything was painless, and they have my full confidence. 5.0
Great service, knowledgeable team and professional in all areas. 5.0
I have great experience with by visit to doctor. 5.0
Very professional and personable practice. Dr. Jelinek and team has really made a difference in helping me treat my sleep apnea with significant positive results. Would highly recommend their treatment vs a CPAP. 5.0
Dr. Jelinek and staff have been friendly and efficient in providing me with an oral appliance for sleep apnea. Every thing has been well explained and the office is very accessible and welcoming. 5.0

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