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I have been going to Dr. Jelinek for 13 years. He is an excellent dentist. When he has had to do any special procedures like crowns or implants, they have gone extremely smoothly and held up great. His hygienist, Ginger, is fabulous. The customer service is excellent. Service is always punctual. Never any surprises with billing. 5.0 I have been going
Dr. Jelinek, Ginger and the front office staff are all exceptional in giving excellent care without any of this ego and brashness that you can find at dental/medical offices. They provide very attentive care and are very keen on how to maximize your dental insurance coverage so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for procedures unnecessarily. They work to accommodate your busy schedule when making appointments instead of forcing you to readjust your entire calendar. It's a great give and take relationship. When I was looking for new dental coverage, Dr. Jelinek offered to look at the plans at the carrier I was most interested in to ensure I was picking a plan that was most suitable for my needs. I'm very happy to have found Dr. Jelinek and everyone on his team when I moved to VA. I highly recommend his office! 5.0 Dr. Jelinek, Ging
I have been seeing Dr.Jelinek for 4 months. The front desk staff makes you feel right at home immediately when you walk in the door. The waiting room is very nice and does not feel like you are in a dentist office. Dr. Jelinek was very nice. He explained very well what was going on and the treatment involved. He was honest and straight foward. Ever time I was his only patient. Many times I was there for 2 hours until he corrected the problem the way he wanted. I like the fact that he has his own lab there and can make corrections. If you have TMJ or Sleep Apnea, Dr. Jelinek is the dentist for you. 5.0 I have been seein
I appreciate Dr. Jelinek’s professional knowledge and care for me as his patient. A word of recognition also to his friendly and professional staff. 5.0 I appreciate Dr.
Dr. J is a seasoned pro. My most recent visit was to replace a cracked filling and all the work was complete within 30 minutes with absolutely no pain or discomfort. His assistants and office staff are also excellent. 5.0 Dr. J is a season
Dr Donahue is very professional and really cares for his patients - definitely recommend him! 5.0 Dr Donahue is ver
My family has been under Dr. Donohue's care for longer than I can date. We gladly followed him to Dr. Jelinek's practice 5 years ago. The office atmosphere and our care are excellent. 5.0 My family has bee
Excellent Doctor and staff. Extremely helpful and friendly. 5.0 Excellent Doctor
Ginger and Dr Jelinek are professional, thorough and gentle. I trust them completely. 5.0 Ginger and Dr Jel
Lovely staff, warm office and a great appointment. 5.0 Lovely staff, war

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