DrJelinek DrJelinek $$
Always a good experience with Ginger and Dr J!!! 5.0
Excellent work .... Dr Jelinek has been my dentist for many years ... repair of chipped teeth was latest interface ..... pleasant and friendly environment .... top notch staff! 5.0
I had a problem with a cap and he was able to get me in quickly to resolve the issue. Great Dentist with friendly and knowledgeable staff. 5.0
Great service, good conversation 👏. Dr Donahue is a dental dream come true. The facility is neat, clean, cozy...a comforting way to preserve and maintain your pearly 5.0
Wonderful and caring dentist. 5.0
Comfortable and accessible office and dedicated dental work! 5.0
Exceptional customer service and professionalism. Although skeptical, the mouthpiece for sleep apnea that Dr. Jelinek, Jr. made for me changed my life. I sleep well, wake up rested and with energy. I highly recommend Dr. Jelinek for your dental needs and specifically for sleep apnea. Although I never used a CPAP machine, the mouthpiece is is a true game changer 5.0
Dr. Jelinek is and his team are amazing. I was really afraid of the dentist due to trauma I experienced when i was younger which prevented me from going to see a dentist for almost 20 years. After my husband finally convinced me to go I was crying because I was so scared but Ginger reassured me that everything would be okay. I am no longer afraid of the dentist because of Dr. Jelinek and his office. They also do a really good job working with my insurance and really helped me with keeping the overall cost of dental care and restoring my mouth low. If you are looking for a new dentist then I promise you that you should look no further. 5.0
Dr.Jelinek is a wonderful dentist he has resolved many of my complications dental issues. The staff are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I will certainly recommend Dr.Jelinek and staff. 5.0
I highly recommend Dr Jelinek and his staff. 5.0

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