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Excellent as usual . 5.0
I have been a patient of DrRasner for over 20 years… I am a chicken and he makes me feel so comfortable. I fear nothing there… yes I like gas for care. The staff are awesome. I’m treated as family/friend. Perfect implants. The best dentist 5.0
Dr. Rasner and his staff are wonderful. They’re great at what they do and always make it a pleasant experience. 5.0
Dr Steven Rasner is an amazing pain free dentist. This is not a corporate office where you never know which dentist you will see. He is caring and takes time to explain your treatment and his artistic results are fantastic! If you have even the slightest fear of dentistry this is the place to go. Another fantastic experience with Dr Rasner. Needing an invasive dental procedure is not a pleasant thought. I do not endure pain gracefully. In fact I tend to put off having surgery until I have no other choice. I make the Doctors job more difficult . I allowed an infection to grow around an implant. I ended up needing a bone graph. Not only was Dr Rasner able to complete the surgery without causing me pain but unbelievably skillful enough so I could have dinner without pain. The next day the only way that I even knew that I had this invasive procedure was too feel the sutures with my tongue . If you dread seeing a dentist. You owe it to your self to see Dr Raser. 5.0
Dr. Rasner is at the top of his profession. His experience and caring manner put me at ease. However, it wasn't until he did my implant surgery that I realized just how good he is. I am extremely happy with my results. My wife and I both go to Dr. Rasner now and couldn't be happier. The staff is wonderful and caring. 5.0
I never thought I’d review a dentist! I have EXTREME dental phobia, yet I love, love,love Dr Ras and his team. For the 1st time in my life I am ACTUALLY excited to go to the dentist. Dr Rasner and his team take the time to comfort you. I lost my 4 front teeth at age 18. I can’t wait to be confident to laugh and smile again finally after over 40 yrs. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 5.0
We received dental extractions for implants, now waiting for the implants. We chose Dr Rasner because his procedures cut the process in half, three months instead of six. His office is equipped with the latest dental diagnostic equipment. His staff is well trained, courteous, and considerate. And of course Dr Rasner is excellent. 5.0
DR.Rasner and his COMPLETE STAFF are the best.From major to minor procedures they have made me feel sooo comfortable.At each visit they make me feel as though I am their #1 patient.Thank you ALL...so happy that I found you guys. 5.0
Dr. Rasner is a great dentist, and his staff is very friendly, and they are good at what they do. My family and I live about a half an hour from his Vineland office. We have been loyal patients of Dr. Rasner for years, and I recommend Dr. Rasner to all. I always feel welcome here. However, I do have a complaint. The woman Sue who works here is good at her job, but she is notorious for being rude to the staff in front of patients. This woman is very unprofessional, and in my opinion you can't have employees who act that way in front of patients. I think that is unacceptable in the medical world, and it creates an uncomfortable environment. Other than that I love it here. If you live in the South Jersey region, and you are looking for a great dentist, Dr. Rasner is the way to go. 4.0
Pleasant, polite, knowledgeable. Clean premises. Comfortable setting. Dr. Rasner has a stellar reputation, and that made me feel very confident in having him do my dental implants. Dental hygienists were thorough and attentive. 5.0

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